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nicolas, 48 y.o.

I am from France, PARIS

i`am looking for a very special phenotype for a real serious hetero-monogamous relationship with a young girl carrying the KITLG (rs4590952) KIT ligand gene,and snow pale very light blonde and reddish blond,blondish red ,ginger, redhead (MC1R gene) with blue eyes of europe (north,eastern,western,around baltic sea..),my phenotype is of the "alpinid,celtic" kind means middle tall with chestnut hairs and blue eyes. my native language is french ,and as secondary english i`am an non uptight-minded,non sexually uptight,non-hypocritical, broad-minded , masculine men,and i`am atypical and alternative not your bachelor next door stereotype,i`am of the kind who like to be free-spirited,i don`t like to justified myself and i hate half measures with me is all or nothing and yes i`am decent loyal and faithfull and demure otherwise saying someone who believe than sex and love feelings are interlocked and stronger than everything because Love cannot be bought or earned,and i believe in monoamory and commitment let me be your sanctuary,there is my values

Hobbies: Bicycling, Blogging, Cooking, Photography, Walking

Looking for: Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Romance

Flowers and Gifts delivery

a decent steamy sensual young girl with high sex drive like me carrying the KITLG KIT ligand gene(rs4590952),and pale very light blondes with White Blonde hairs see here as exemple(/newfaces/dailyduo/3432),reddish blond,blondish red, and redhead (MC1R gene)with blue eyes and pale/snow/alabaster/porcelain skin of europe (north/western,around baltic sea..nordid/Hallstatt/Aisto-Nordid/Dalofaelid/east europid),tall(but not necessarily),slender,busty to very busty (apple shaped) with strong Sexual racial preference like me,non uptight-minded,non sexually uptight/repressed feminine women with a body completely smooth devoid of hair (down there if you`ll see what i mean) without the "mail order bride cold Soviet look" with a ratio of equal or less 25% fat body or less,open to kinky fantasies into age-hypergamy.

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