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James, 53 лет

Я из United States, Dallas

Spiritually minded, discerning, quiet, reflective, contemplative, magnanimous, peaceful, calm, relaxed,gracious, civil, tolerant, non-judgmental, supportive, empathetic, compassionate, forgiving, cautious, circumspect, loyal, respectful, warm, affectionate, gentle, loving, fun-loving, playful, responsive, conversational, sociable, intelligent, cultured, aesthetic, artistic, tidy, fastidious, uncluttered, simple-but-refined-living, health-conscious, focused, follows-through, balanced, confident, humble, sincere, grateful -- although a noninclusive composite of attributes, seeking mate mirroring similarly. I`m looking forward to meeting [with] you!

Увлечения: Camping, Chess, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Swimming

Цель знакомства: Знакомства, Брак, Отношения, Общение в чате

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My prerequisite is to find a women that will help me in grow closer to the Lord. One who has the willingness and desire to attend retreats and classes together. If together for ten years, being at the 10th grade level instead of 1st grade for 10 years. "A gracious woman retain honor" Proverbs 11:15. The focus is on inner beauty. I think every woman can find a way to make herself look great. It would be wonderful to find a woman who has the physical capacity to be active. Perhaps, be willing and able to workout, bike, snow. God has richly blessed me with good health. Lastly, a sense of humor ranks high. To me, a sense of humor is the oil which keeps the relationship engine running smooth. One has to be able to laugh at themselves.

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