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InnaMagic, 25 лет

Я из Ukraine, Nikopol

I'm a person, who is ready to make other's life colourful. I'm the one who likes to give presents more than to receive. I'm very kind, sometimes I'm even naive. I'm looking for a mature and strong man who will make my life colourful. You can feel that I talk too much, but I talk usually about beauty and happiness. Some people would say that I am too dreamy, but I believe that it is impossible to live without dreams, without fairy tales and passion.

Увлечения: Badminton, Bicycling, Cooking, Fashion, Gardening

Цель знакомства: Знакомства, Брак, Отношения

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Many times I was mistaken in people! I trusted too much. But now I want to be sure that my man is totally honest with me. I don't want games and empty words. I want to see the initiative on the part of men. I am looking for what everyone is truly seeking for and that is sincerity of heart, mind, body and soul. Looking for someone who is not afraid to remove the mask and let the world see the true inner beauty of their soul and spirit. I respect a partner and seeking compromise solutions for a happy co-operation, seeking a partner, who knows how to respect a woman, kind, romantic, a true gentleman, kind, considerate, sensitive.

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