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INNA, 54 лет

Я из Russia, Omsk

I am a loyal woman that would be there for you if you needed me.. I am easy to talk to, honest and thoughtful. I am sociable, funny, gentle, sporty , easy going. I am energetic and full of life I am happy doing things like going to the gym or enjoy a long stroll in the park as much as a tasty dinner and relaxing after a nice meal – well almost! In the past I professionally engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. I am a Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics. I have a beautiful daughter. She is a European champion in short track. I am caring, intuitive and has a balanced outlook on life.

Увлечения: , Bicycling

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I`m so glad to hear the answer from you. I really want to find the second part of me. I want to fall in love and to be up in the clouds with my lover… What might be better if you have the soul which is close to yours. What might be better if you have a heart which is close to yours… I want to stay together till the end , in weal and woe..And I really hope that someday my love will be near me. That`s great that you wrote me!!! Maybe you are my prince on a white horse… and maybe you are the one who`ll go with be under the moonlight. And we will share our joint destiny. Could you tell me about your life? What are you interested in? About your aims?

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