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Amos, 33 лет

Я из China, xiamen

Hello everyone, I am a male student from the coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian, China. Currently, I am mainly engaged in financial investment work in some countries in Southeast Asia. I started my own business from an early age, I am independent, ambitious, have a pattern and love, and hope to make friends in foreign countries. You can meet a girl, know each other, know each other, fall in love, get along, get along, and be with you for the rest of your life.

Увлечения: Cooking, Golf, Learning and discovering new things, Swimming, Tennis, Traveling

Цель знакомства: Знакомства, Брак, Отношения, Общение в чате

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As long as you are sincere, as long as you understand the true meaning of love, I will always be waiting for you.

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