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Ahmad, 21 y.o.

I am from Egypt, Cairo

I am a simple, smart, nice, lover and funny man. I love science and searching. In my entertainment time I singing, walking and play on gyitar. You can say that I am open minded boy respect the woman and wish a fantastic life in the future. By the way I don`t mind if you are in my country or not and if you like my religion or not so just if you love me I will be enough with that. I like traveling and adventures so this why I looking for foreign girl That`s all for now

Hobbies: Bicycling, Chess, Cooking, Design, Drawing, Singing

Looking for: Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat

Flowers and Gifts delivery

I am searching about a reliable, supporter and funny girl. Ad I am a pharmacist I like if she from my career too or being study in languages college. I don`t search about beauty as much as I search about a person who ready to love me for the rest of my life, support me and has a special thinking way.

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