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Yes the site is very good, I have got what I want. I have found My Princess. Many Thanks to You ..
Thank You, carry on helping others to do the same
United Kingdom, FLEETWOOD
I found someone from your site and we will marriage in January 2012 in ukraina.
Thanck you very much. Finally I found my dear second one and I really love Svetlana
Norway, stavanger
YES - No the site is well laid out and easy to use. Excellent! I have met someone so no longer need your services Thank You
United Kingdom, Colchester
Wonderful site....I found my special soulmate finally THANK YOU! I have found my sweetheart from the lovley Ukraine......Good Luck to all and thank you to all the nice ukrainian women who talked with me...... God speed!
United States, Las Animas
Hello Staff at Originclub;

I want to give you a big compliment for my point of view how your agency differs from other agencies. To me it is rude to receive an invitation letter that ladies did not send. With other agencies, and there are many that do this, the profiles of women revolves round and round similar to a wheel. The man opens the letter, thinking that woman has genuine interest in him, and it was agency that sent introduction letter not the girl. The man writes back thanking her for introduction letter and the woman does not know this man. I have had my profile started at another agency. I did not finish my profile and did not submit photos. I receive 8-10 letters a day from this agency. Also this agency has a sister agency and I receive the same introduction letters from the same women. I read many blogs about complaints men have. I want to give you compliment that your agency does not do this. I have been with your agency for about 6-8 years?? I have never has a complaint or suspicion. I have been happy be a subscriber to your agency. Hopefully there will be better news to share with you in the future. I give you permission to use this letter or any excerpts from this letter. Thank you, Donnie Mullady
Switzerland, Moudon
Your site is fine. I am no longer searching... It is very good work. I have found my lady...
United States, Burleson
I like your site very much.I think you should leave it how it is. Yes i liked it very much. I already found someone.
Australia, Perth
I liked it. I met a gorgeous woman. I found her!
United States, newport beach
Its a very good site! The video chat is the best part!
United States, sacramento
I think you are all doing a great service for all that is trying to find their soul mates abroad. Thanks to you I have found mine. Keep up the good work.

I have found my second half and we are working on being together.
United States, Columbia
yes and do not change anything, excellent service, found my future soulmate
United States, port orchard
I like your site. It is really good. :) But maybe the price for online video chat should be not so high.... I think you are doing a good job. I have found my match. :)
Norway, Trondheim
I have met my future wife who is from Ukraine. We will be married in the next few months.
United States, Tulsa
I think if you're able to put two people together from different cultures, and backgrounds, and they are happy, you're doing a great job.
I found the lady I want to be with, so I think it's important that ladies here focus on someone else.
United States, Portland
Sweden, Umea
I have found some one and I think it is serious.
Thank you,
Portugal, Olivais-Sinde
Origin Club was a good starting place for me to find my future wife. You pointed me in the right direction to find the love of my life.
I have found the love of my life!
United States, Canisteo
Yes I like it, but I have found true love, so I no longer need it.
United States, Waco
I did like it very much... I think it is a wonderful place for people from everywhere to meet. I think that Origin Club works great with it's members in an attempt to help them meet their goals towards relationships.

I have met someone here!
United States, Saltillo
I like it very much the staff is very helpful and answers any questions promptly.I would definately recommend the site to my friends.Nothing needs to be changed but maybe the gift section should be expanded a bit maybe work with more agencies. I have met a lady from Ukraine.
United States, Rohnert Park
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