Love stories

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Randy and Svetlana Alsup Dear Origin Club,

A big Hello from USA!

Svetlana and I would like to take a moment to say, Thank you for your amazing service. We have found happiness and a loving marriage. It has been over 3 years from the time we first met through the Origin Club website. God has blessed us very much. We have been married for over 2 years now as of June 26th.
We are living a life together that we have always dreamed of having. Svetlana and I are perfectly matched. We have many things in common and our goals in life are unfolding perfectly everyday.
I would like to encourage those how are searching for love abroad to trust the origin club to help them every step of the way. They will work very hard too help you find that perfect lady to spend the rest of your life with.
We are amazed at how much we love each other. Svetlana makes we feel like the best husband in the world. She often tells this to me. I would do anything to please my Lovely wife!

Thank you again!!

Randy and Svetlana Alsup
Apt. 8
Cape Girardeau, MO
Anastasia and Mitch Rogers I originally decided to seek a woman from Russia after becoming disappointed with American women. I know that there are wonderful women in America but the ones I met seemed to not be as dedicated to home and family as I wished. I was raised in a traditional southern family in Georgia, USA. After meeting many women and receiving e-mails and chats sessions I felt like it was necessary to be skeptical! if I really wanted to meet a nice woman.
I came across Nastya's profile and was immediately attracted to her in a way that went beyond physical. Nastya was not overly eager and did not make unrealistic statements or claim to love me after 3 letters. She was kind and interesting. She never sent me inappropriate photos. She was always classy and tasteful.
The wonderful staff at OriginClub was there for us at every step of this way as from writing letters to consulting. I am sitting in their office of OriginClub obtaining valuable advices on how to bring Nastya to America. I have enjoyed working with all the professionals and we plan to keep them informed of our progress. If you look for a REPUTABLE AGENCY, Origin Club has my personal reference!
Anastasia and Mitch Rogers
Potapova Anna and Nasser Towghi I would like to thank OriginClub for their help in finding my to-be husband in course of all 4 years that I have been a client of this company. I would like to highlight high professional skills and individual attention to every problem that I had. During this time I changed myself for the better not only on the inside, I became more educated, more patient and certainly happy for now I have found my other half. While in the correspondence with my fiance I realized that it was my destiny and I had no further problems, including obtaining a visa. We are both very happy and are going to marry this year. I would like to wish all Origin Club clients luck and patience. Just believe that there is your other half somewhere in the world waiting for you!

With respect to OriginClub staff and personally Olga Petrovna,

Potapova Anna and Nasser Towghi
May, 11 2011
Donald and Irina Dear OriginClub team, thank you very much! This site made me the happiest woman! I would have never believed that I could be so happy as I am right now. I met a man of my dreams, and I am sure, we will be together forever! Please, believe in love and you will find your True Love!

Our first and second meetings were in Odessa. Though I am originally from the city of Vladivostok. I went to Odessa to meet my Donald. We spent a wonderful time together, walking, talking about everything. We are both mature and we have understood from the first sight that we are made for each

After a time I got a fiancee visa and went to the USA. We got married in 2010. Now we are very happy. And we would like to thank you, OriginClub.

Without you this would have never worked.

Irina and Donald
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