Astrological horoscope

ARIES ARIES [March 21 - April 20]

A person born under this sign of Zodiac is lively, hot-tempered, ambitious and stubborn. Their wish to have their own way can turn into despotism. Aries does not follow somebody's will, and their passion is unlimited. Their will is very strong, their active mind urges them forward, and they fear no difficulties.

Famous people born under the sign of Aries: Catherine Medici, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Bach, Descartes, Goya, Bismarck, Zola, Van Gogh, Haydn, Hitler, Charlie Chaplin.

Matching of zodiac signs


An Aries woman will dominate in sexual relationship. An Aries man won't be satisfied with the subordinate role for too long, each partner will strive for leadership, and this will lead to quarrelling. As a result, there will not be any harmony in bedroom. At first such a connection looks promising, but marital relationship are unlikely to be successful.


Aries always make love under influence of their feelings, and prudence of Taurus who rarely do something impulsively will irritate them. If Taurus allow Aries to have their own way, they will find new opportunities to get sensational pleasures. Otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired balance. Their connection will cause serious conflicts, and mutual attraction won't last long.


This alliance can be wonderful, as both are tireless, active and willing to learn. Aries's inclination to dominate is limited by Gemini's ingenuity. Gemini have no sexual prejudices, but their spiritual energy may seek other ways of atisfaction. Their connection will last as long as Gemini manoeuvres skilfully. Marriage can set Gemini's mind at rest and be rather successful.


Strong sexual attraction is typical between these two signs. But the problem is that when all feelings are spent, nothing is left. With Aries not finding enough satisfaction, the partners may start quarrelling over trifles. Contradiction between their temperaments results in aggravation of their sexual incompatibility. The weather forecast for this connection - storm at sea, and marriage is almost likely to end in shipwreck.


Aries and Leo have the same aggressive temperament, and their blunt sexuality suits each other's perfectly. Their sexual relations are straightforward and have no eccentricities. But it doesn't mean that they cannot be passionate. Aries should flatter Leo about their physical abilities, and Leo shouldn't upset Aries by limiting their innate tendency to dominate.


The courage of Aries may win the imagination of reserved Virgo. But their sexuality is so much different that they will have to be very patient to get things straight. Aries will be charmed with Virgo's tact, reserve and self-control, but Virgo may disapprove of Aries's extravagant ideas of making love. Their connection will be pleasant but the odds that their marriage will be successful are fifty-fifty.


A short-term connection is possible. Libra may disagree with the aggressiveness of Aries. They are both fond of sexual pleasures, but Aries may try to go too far too soon. Libra is idealistically-minded and may lose their illusions. Aries and Libra should work together to perceive the nuances of sensuality. Their physical relations are possible only temporarily as a connection, but not as a marriage.


Sex may turn out either stimulating or useless. These are two ways things may take. Both Aries and Scorpio possess a lot of physical energy and like actions. But also they both are independent and hate being controlled. Long difficulties will put the extraordinary capability to share the passion and to stay happy to the test.


They both are inclined to confrontation and will have a lot of conflicts because of sex. Aries's optimism and good sense of humour will overcome Sagittarius's melancholy and introduce playful attitude to love. Mutual understanding in the bedroom may create favourable atmosphere for relations. Their connection is successful, and success of marriage will be closely connected with the problem of physical satisfaction.


Aries is restless, looking forward to the future, fond of experiments, while Capricorn is a bit sanctimonious. Capricorn can prefer a definite position and even a definite time for making love. Capricorn is more reserved. But Aries can ruin their plans by awaking strong sexual desire in them. In this case marriage is more preferable than a short relationship.


Physical connection will be wild and bring a lot of new things into the lives of both partners. Perhaps, Aries will dominate because Aquarius is more passive by nature. Aquarius won't give up, neither will they accept Aries's leadership unless it is not in their interests. Aries will need a lot of tact to deal with this very emotional dreamer. This is unusual, interesting relation rich in events, and with good mutual understanding it may make a good marriage.


Fine intuition and behaviour of Pisces in the bedroom will intrigue Aries. Active participation of Aries will help Pisces to abandon their shyness. The realisation of Pisces's sexual fantasies may arouse strong excitement. They should feel pleasant and merry together. Prospects of relations or marriage are very good if partners manage to overcome the difference in temperaments.

TAURUS TAURUS [April 21 - May 20]

A person born under this sign of Zodiac is very insistent. He or she often wins thanks to their industry and extraordinary patience and never gives up their plans. They rarely follow others' advice and sometimes can push their way through. It is uneasy to unsettle them but their anger lasts long and they never forgets offences. They is inquisitive, just, strong-willed, affectionate, jealous and conservative in their views.

Famous people born under the sign of Taurus: William Shakespeare, Maria Medici, Delacroix, Catherine the Great, Cromwell, Robespierre, Balzac, Brahms, Freud, Lenin, Truman.

Matching of zodiac signs


They are two different people. Taurus hates to be hurried, and this will cool the ardour of Aries who is prone to more impulsive and quick actions. Sensual imagination is not a strong point of Taurus, and if Aries relies on emotions, Taurus will find it difficult to return their feelings. Their relations may be very hot, but in marriage Taurus should learn to ignore Aries's infidelity.


Two Tauruses are not always sexually compatible. Women are sentimental in love, while men are more down-to-earth by nature. A male Taurus prefers other men company and likes chasing women. The woman Taurus cannot bear deceit or inattention toward herself. Their relations can be and should be pleasant, but the future of their marriage is an open question.


Ambivalent, changeable, many-sided Gemini is opposite to the constancy of Taurus. Taurus is attracted by Gemini's artistry and rich imagination, and the reserve of Taurus arouses Gemini's interest. But Gemini is irritated with Taurus's slow reaction and awkward, amateurish love plays. Their connection is rather colourless and prospects for marriage leave much to be desired.


Taurus sees Cancer as a romantic and satisfying partner. Changeable mood of Cancer won't shake Taurus's stability, and constancy of his character gives reliable grounds for delaying the start of love affair. Both have strong desire of passionate, emotional life. If physical side of their relations satisfies them, their connection will be quite acceptable and their marriage may be successful.


Taurus will have to put up with Leo's megalomania. Leo considers it natural to take the central place in his partner's life. Leo is sympathetic and loves life; Taurus is inclined to reservation and egoism. There unlikely to be any problem in the sexual aspect but Leo should set the pace and spirit. It is very difficult to satisfy a Leo, and this can complicate their relations; planning long ahead, it is not a good combination.


Physical aspect is more developed in Taurus's personality, so Taurus may be irritated with Virgo's puritanism. When making love, Virgo prefers simple ways and tries to avoid extravagances if possible. Taurus doesn't mind simplicity, but his/her sexual inexhaustibility may concern Virgo. Except for that, there won't be many problems. It is a good connection, and successful marriage is possible, though compromise in sexual questions is necessary.


Libra will bring a lot of emotional warmth and understandingto their life, which are necessary to analyse and solve all physical problems. Libra will try to excite and satisfy their partner. Taurus is also very insistent, so the probabilities of mutual satisfaction are rather high. Taurus can play leading role in the bedroom. This connection is rather promising, and a good, long-lasting union is possible.


They have equally strong sexual desire; besides, neither of them feels a need for adulterous relationships. In a chafe Taurus can be stubborn, while all signs of Zodiac should fear Scorpio's anger. Their connection is expected to be full of storms, and marriage is possible only if both partners are unusually tolerant and patient.


The danger here is that Taurus will try to keep freedom-loving Sagittarius on a short leash, but in vain. Taurus who is very sexual by nature will be satisfied with Sagittarius's voluptuousness but his wish to seek love everywhere will be irritating. They will feel good together, but careless Sagittarius is usually much better as a lover than a spouse.


Their sexual drive is equally strong, and neither of them seeks for unrestrained, extravagant sex. Taurus will dislike Capricorn's innate tendency to hide their expectations, and Capricorn in their turn will take negatively Taurus's attempts to have their own way. There won't be "romance" in these relations, but they are capable of sensual love and good, long-lasting partnership.


Aquarius who is inclined to introspection, isn't as interested in the physical side of love as Taurus. Aquarius will prefer intellectual communication, but this type of love won't satisfy sensual Taurus. On the other hand, Aquarius will consider Taurus too demanding, but Aquarius likes becoming proficient in love techniques, and this may fascinate them. It's a casual affair and unpromising marriage.


Pisces are lively and unpredictable in sex, and it may be difficult for Taurus to handle. But insistent Taurus can reach a lot by helping Pisces to satisfy sexual fantasies and tactfully encouraging them. The success of relations and sexual harmony depends on Taurus. The prospects of passionate love and satisfactory marriage are good.

GEMINI GEMINI [May 21 - June 21]

This sign of Zodiac is the most changeable. People born under this sign of Zodiac are intellectual, charming, fond of flirting. They often have literary gift, easily write, acquire various skills and win victories, but family life is a burden for them. The apparent contradictions of their nature are imaginary - they just cannot bear monotony.

Famous people born under the sign of Gemini: Pascal, Offenbach, Grieg, Shuman, Pushkin, Paul Gauguin, Wagner.

Matching of zodiac signs


Both partners are optimistic and full of vigour, they enjoy the variety of their sexual amusements. They are unlikely to get bored in the bedroom. Aries can guide and direct Gemini, and that is what they need. Aries is rather excited than irritated with Gemini's wilfulness. It's a wonderful short connection, with a good perspective of long-lasting relations.


Jealous and possessive, Taurus cannot accept Gemini's inclination for flirting. Gemini will make an indignant attempts to escape from the net of Taurus who limits their freedom. In the sexual aspect Taurus is too boring partner for Gemini, and Gemini, in their turn, is unable to give Taurus stability they need. These signs are really incompatible. The most probable result is a short unsuccessful affair.


Their connection can bring much joy to both sides, but it will lose stability very soon as well. Except for physical attraction which is soon to be over, everything is leading them to chaos. Both partners are impulsive and inclined for flirting, both easily get bored. Their love is passionate, but their marriage may turn into a disaster. In rare instances such combination is possible, but it's the most interesting couple you have ever seen.


This combination is dangerous. Cancer is too sensitive and shy to reveal their true feelings. Gemini will play love, and Cancer will take it seriously. Cancer needs encouraging when Gemini can be too blunt. The difference between temperaments will be a source of constant troubles in bed. Connection will gradually come to naught, and marriage is unsuccessful.


Noble and generous Leo will become a plaything in the hands of Gemini - and will be pleased with that! Gemini are various and clever in sexual games, and Leo will react with admiration and fervour. Leo will allow Gemini to have their own way with much pleasure. Their partnership is ideal. Their connection will be wonderful and exciting; more permanent relations are also possible.


Virgo considers Gemini an immature lover, and Gemini treats Virgo as a bore. Virgo has a clear idea of sexual behaviour, while Gemini shows hesitancy. After their passion fades away, Virgo will start grumbling and criticizing Gemini, and Gemini will start seeking pleasures outside. This is a short connection, bright as a flash and not supposed to last long.


This is an attractive and interesting combination. They are both passionate and most probably will often make love. Neither of them is jealous and possessive, and their temperaments balance each other. They both like experimenting with sex and both enjoy their intimacy. Their marriage is very happy.


They are sexually compatible, but their existence itself proves that physical attraction is not everything they want. Scorpio is jealous, Gemini is inconstant. When Scorpio tightens the reins too much, Gemini start kicking. After passionate beginning their relationship cool down very quickly and even become hostile. Only extraordinary people can make a married couple.


Both are tireless, changeable and not too open as lovers. Gemini are prone to criticize Sagittarius in bed. There are other weak points in their relations, but the strong point is that they are both undemanding and not possessive. Their affair will start suddenly and finish in the same way. Their marriage may be rather good, but it will take a lot of efforts from both sides.


Gemini is too independent and impatient for a conservative homebody Capricorn. Some things in Gemini's sexual behaviour will embarrass Capricorn. Since Capricorn is concerned about work, career, money (not only about physical needs), he or she thinks that Gemini dissipates their energies and strays far afield in their plans. Connection is quite possible, but a successful marriage is a proof of true, all-conquering love.


Sensitive Gemini understand and appreciate the fantasies of Aquarius. They can become ingenious lovers and adventure-seekers. The main characteristic of their connection is unpredictability. Their intimate relations will not always be smooth, but they can bring both partners inspiration and satisfaction. After their connection is over, they will remain friends. Their marriage most probably will be pleasant and based on strong attachment rather than passion.


Both are capable of extraordinary sexual fantasies but rarely put them into practice. Pisces are too emotional for Gemini who live for a moment, and after they enjoy it, they just move on. It creates the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust. They can develop a real attachment between them but in the end their unstable relations will ruin the union. Connection is quite risky, marriage is unhappy.

CANCER CANCER [June 22 - July 22]

Cancer is faithful and devoted in love and family life. Family is the place where they find comfort and self-realization. They are sensual, thin-skinned, they give more than take. They are honest and reliable in their work, dislike innovations and observe conventionalities. They possess unusually keen intuition which sometimes turns into mysticism, but conceal that because they dislike standing out in the crowd. 

Famous people born under the sign of Cancer: Pascal, La Fontaine, Rembrandt, Rubens, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Gluck, Kafka, Mark Shagal.

Matching of zodiac signs


For Cancer, Aries likes adventures too much; Cancer is more traditional, though strong sexual attraction can be felt in the beginning. In the course of time Aries can provoke gloomy jealousy in Cancer, and Cancer can be easily offended with the sharp tongue of Aries. Aries dislikes the possessive inclination of Cancer. Their relations are very complicated, and marriage is unsuccessful.


Cancer introduces sensuality and imagination into this connection. They are both passionate and need no other interests in order to satisfy each other. Taurus is able to understand Cancer's mood swings and to help smooth over the difficulties if they arise. Taurus is attentive, and Cancer is responsive to attention. Understanding of each other's problem will contribute to a pleasant relationship. Marriage is successful.


Communication with inconstant, flirting Gemini seeking life pleasures will increase Cancer's diffidence. Uncontrollable sexual energy of Gemini will create many problems for Cancer and result in conflicts. Cancer will be very jealous and try to restrain Gemini's activity which will arouse his indignation. Very emotional and more lasting relations are possible, in spite of the difference of their temperaments.


Two Cancers are too much alike to be happy. They both suffer from excessive sensitivity which leads to emotional problems. They both want to play leading role in sexual relations, and this results in frequent criticisms and quarrels. However, they are physically attractive for each other, and in the beginning their relation can turn out very sensual. Marriage will demand more good will and mutual understanding from both partners.


Leo tends to regulate Cancer's mood. Leo is very generous in his/her affection, and this gives confidence to the changeable Cancer. From the other hand, Leo needs flattering and admiration, especially in the sexual sphere, and he/she should dominate. If Cancer is willing to meet Leo half-way, a passionate connection and a successful marriage are possible.


Virgo is practical by nature and secures the basis of this connection. Cancer is more emotional than reserved Virgo, but they are able to feel deep affection for each other. In the sexual aspect they are a wonderful match. The problem is that they both are shy and have to make efforts lest they should get bored. Their connection is good, and their marriage may be quite nice.


Libra finds it difficult to deal with Cancer's changeable temperament. In such a case Cancer feels uncertain and anxious because of Libra's affection. Libra is attracted by Cancer, but at the same time prefers to avoid troubles. If Cancer feels hurt, it will create some difficulties. And when Libra starts looking around, everything is drawing to the end. Connection is possible, but marriage is risky.


Scorpio's power and need to dominate and protect is just what Cancer needs. In intimate relations Cancer is more sensitive, and Scorpio is more passionate. But Cancer's willingness to give pleasure to the partner helps avoid many problems in this sphere. Scorpio doesn't give vent to their fierce jealousy because Cancer is devoted to his/her partner. Love is getting stronger, and a good connection may grow into a wonderful marriage.


Their desires are different, their goals are opposite. Sagittarius is a pilgrim and doesn't like to be tied with sexual bonds while Cancer needs complete confidence of love which Sagittarius is unable to provide. Cancer lives for the sake of future, while Sagittarius lives for the present. When Sagittarius gets bored and starts seeking another partner, Cancer is deeply hurt. Prospects for more or less stable connection are vague.


Capricorn is unable to give Cancer the affection he/she needs - they have too many other interests to attend. Nevertheless, there is a strong sexual attraction between these two signs. Everything will be wonderful between them in the bedroom until Cancer gets tired of Capricorn's practicality and reservation. Their connection is unstable, marriage is undesirable.


A single Aquarius will bring too much fuss into vulnerable Cancer's life. Cancer is more open and stable than adventurous Aquarius who is always ready to respond to the sirens' calls. So, Cancer's needs may remain unsatisfied. Aquarius tends to dispense himself from emotional requirements. For some time they are able to find common language in bed, but they won't stand the test of long-term partnership in the sitting-room.


A very good match in sexual aspect. They are both responsive, affectionate, supportive. Perhaps, Cancer will dominate in the relationship, because Pisces is prone to eccentricities in love. Their quarrels never last long and soon end in bed. They suit each other perfectly both at daytime and night, both for short connection and long-term relations.

LEO LEO [July 23 - August 23]

Of course, it's not everybody's vocation - to rule an empire or the world, but people born under this sign stand a better chance to become leaders. They are very unhappy if they are not admired or worshipped. But Leos' vocation is also to love, not only to rule. They are kind, noble, sincere in their motives. Often they are dramatically gifted, and the world for them is a big stage.

Famous people born under the sign of Leo: Napoleon, Alexandre Dumas Sr., Guy de Maupassant, Andre Maurois, Claude Debussy, Mussolini, Henry Ford, John Rockefeller.

Matching of zodiac signs


They come together because both of them are eccentric and passionate by nature and very interested in sex. But Aries's passion to dominate strikes against Leo's wish to rule what results in irreconcilable conflict. Nevertheless, their physical similarity is so big that it overcomes these problems. Their connection is merry, their marriage is wonderful.


Romantic beginning of their relations may turn into war. They both are too stubborn, and competition between them may turn out dangerous. They can have rather good intimate relations but Leo's exaltation will irritate quiet and well-balanced Taurus, while extravagant Leo will feel hurt with niggardliness of Taurus. Connection is possible but long-lasting relations are unlikely.


Gemini should be intelligent enough to constantly charm Leo. Leo may dislike his/her partner's affairs as they undermine the royal image, but Gemini's complaisance will help them to keep their relations. Leo is attached to Gemini but easily dominates their relations being a stronger personality. Their connection is pleasant, their marriage is good.


Leo is more oriented toward casual affairs than Cancer who is inclined to more serious relations. Cancer wants more than just intimate relations — he/she is disposed to stability and those small signs of attention typical for love. Leo is prepared to give that to Cancer if in return they receive Cancer's love and some admiration. Unless that happens, the prognosis for mutual understanding is unfavourable.


Like everywhere, in the bedroom Leo tends to think only about himself. But the question is whether two "I" can turn into one "we". Well, kings and queens usually say "we" speaking about themselves, so why not? Both are sexually compatible and very romantic. Either of them should allow another to shine from time to time and share this shining if necessary. Of course, it's not always possible, but when it works out, long live the king! Long live the queen!


Leo is remarkable for stronger sexuality than Virgo, and this may cause some problems in bed. Conservative Virgo painfully reacts to Leo's royal extravagance. Besides, Virgo dislikes to be ordered about, and this is what Leo needs. If Virgo tries to criticize Leo, the latter may snarl and show teeth! A very short affair is possible. Marriage? No way!


Leo's approach to sex is more physical and direct than Libra's. But they can have good time together because Libra is also capable of strong passion. Libra who takes life easy shouldn't forget that proper admiration of Leo is necessary from his/her side, especially in the bedroom. Leos are recommended to control their spirits. In this case a good and long-lasting connection is possible.


Candles, champagne and silk sheets in the bedroom will help smooth over some possible problems. Scorpio's jealousy insults Leo. Scorpio doesn't have that admiration and respect for Leo which he/she needs so much. Scorpio is very possessive and Leo can't bear that. Either of them wants to dominate. Their connection may be pleasant, but marriage is not recommended.


Both love adventures and see love as one of them. Both of them are extroverts; both are passionate and follow their sexual propensities without hurting their partner. Both are fond of frequent lovemaking. Sagittarius stimulates and inspires Leo, and Leo arouses in Sagittarius the feeling of strongest devotion this sign of Zodiac is capable of. Their connection is wonderful, and happy marriage is guaranteed.


Practical Capricorn is trying to put a bridle on expansive and optimistic nature of Leo, and his/her brightness may fade because of this connection. They are very different. Capricorn isn't as romantic and loving as Leo, but at the same time may prove to be too demanding. Besides, Capricorn is irritated with Leo's extravagance. Their connection is possible, but marriage is unlikely to be successful.


Aquarius improves Leo's sexual individuality and makes sex more exciting. Leo is irritated with Aquarius's disposition to analysis, as it undermines their self-confidence and confidence of their power. Besides, unorthodox sexual behaviour of Aquarius gets on Leo's nerves. A short connection is possible, but marriage is unreal.


Active and expansive Leo cannot understand shy and introvertive Pisces and doesn't even try to solve the mystery of his/her sexual behaviour. Both of them tend to receive rather than to give. Their initial magnetic affection soon leads to explosion. Pisces is a weaker sign, and Leo is concerned with their lack of ambition. When Pisces loses heart, Leo's pride doesn't allow to express sympathy. Their connection is very complicated, and their marriage, most probably, will be unsuccessful.

VIRGO VIRGO [August 24 - September 23]

Virgo is intelligent, observant, logical people with analytic turn of mind. Virgo's credo sounds as "If you do something, do it well." Virgo respects and appreciates erudition and has miscellaneous interests. "Significance" means a lot for Virgo, and he/she always endeavours at perfection. Many people born under this sign are able to succeed in the sphere of activity chosen by them. 

Famous people born under the sign of Virgo: Jacques David, Ingres, Gautier, Richelieu, Theodore Dreiser, Goethe, Greta Garbo, Sophie Loren.

Matching of zodiac signs


Virgo may be intrigued with Aries's boldness, but in bed Aries needs a passionate partner. Aries is adventurous by nature, while Virgo prefers to deal with somebody tested and reliable. Virgo likes stimulating conversation, Aries prefers stimulating actions. Their connection is unlikely, and their marriage even more so.


Taurus prefers to enjoy sex without much noise and trouble, while Virgo is disposed to analysis, study and perhaps criticism. Otherwise Virgo may turn out a passionate partner who suits Taurus perfectly. In all other spheres their compatibility is complete. Both of them are down-to-earth, practical homebodies. Their connection is happy, though not very exciting, and their marriage is good.


They can come together in the sexual aspect, as Virgo is rather indifferent in this sphere and Gemini is not remarkable for too much passion. But Gemini's attitude to lovemaking is much more impulsive, and they are unlikely to put up with Virgo's grumbling. Gemini needs freedom, and he/she doesn't accept Virgo's wish to dominate. Virgo in their turn consider Gemini irresponsible. Connection is possible, but marriage is unsuccessful.


Virgo provides Cancer with that emotional safety he/she needs and shows their feelings with the help of numerous little attentions. Virgo's wish to care and protect makes a perfect match with Cancer's dependence. Imagination of Cancer stimulates Virgo, and Cancer's wish to give pleasure to the partner makes Virgo's attachment deeper and stronger. Both of them are able to exert themselves and to start enjoying life. Passionate connection and long-lasting marriage.


Leo is very sexual, and Virgo is more interested in reliability than lovemaking. They will never understand each other, especially since Virgo has a bent for criticizing, unfortunately. But Leo should always be above criticism. Practical and down-to-earth approach of Virgo also comes into conflict with expansive and optimistic nature of Leo. Connection is possible for one night, but marriage will most probably end in catastrophe.


Both partners are reserved in respect of sex and consider intimacy as a basis of something more important - life partnership. Their requirements for each other in bed aren't too exacting and don't cause complaints or criticism. Virgo just cannot act in other way. This connection is rather tense, and marriage is possible unless it gets boring in their home too soon.


Libra's loving nature strikes against cold analytical manners of Virgo. Virgo is too critical and tends to undermine Libra's self-confidence. Occasional frivolity of Libra also upsets Virgo who shows intolerance to indiscretion. These two signs have little in common, their connection will be very difficult, and it's better not to finish it with marriage.


In general, they are quite compatible, though Virgo may damp Scorpio's enthusiasm a little. Scorpio is trying to wake up Virgo's sexuality, and the latter keeps wondering — why can't they remain just friends, not lovers? If Virgo makes a compromise, Scorpio stays tactful. This is an interesting connection with prospects for permanent relations.


Sagittarius's attitude to love drives Virgo crazy. Virgo's sense of safety is hurt. Sagittarius doesn't try to understand Virgo's needs and shows intolerance to Virgo's prudent, sanctimonious attitude to sex. It is inevitable that sooner or later Sagittarius will start seeking another partner. They can stay together for a week, but not for life.


In the sexual aspect Capricorn is very attractive for Virgo. But a certain disagreement is possible because of the subordinate role Virgo prefers to play in bed. Unless this happens, both sides are capable of creating harmonious relations. Both of them are practical, emotional, reserved and intellectual. Their connection may turn out rather boring, but marriage will be strong and successful.


Both treat love as an intellectual pastime rather than physical activity. The ideal relations suffer from their practical differences. Virgo's attitude toward sex is puritanic, Aquarius's - extravagant. Virgo considers Aquarius careless, Aquarius considers Virgo indifferent. Their love will gradually come to naught. Their connection is realistic, but their marriage is unwise.


For Virgo love is closely connected with stability, and physical needs - with intellectual compatibility, while for Pisces love is the main pleasure of life, its beauty and emotional essence. Virgo's careful and prudent approach to sex runs counter to unlimited desires of Pisces. If Virgo remains so reserved, their connection will finish very soon, and marriage will not be successful.

LIBRA LIBRA [September 24 - October 23]

The life of people born under this sign is guided with beauty, harmony and justice. Due to their tactfulness, generosity and balance Libras are always surrounded with people. Libras rarely have enemies and have deep influence on the people around them. They are responsible and have good business qualities.

Famous people born under the sign of Libra: Virgil, Diderot, Ferenz Liszt, Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, Mahatma Gandhi, Eisenhower, Gerschwin, Sarah Bernhardt.

Matching of zodiac signs


Inner tension interferes with this connection. Aries is insistent and tireless, while Libra seeks perfection and needs a calm partner. This basic difference results in inevitable quarrels, but sexual relations are mostly successful. So the prognosis is a wonderful bedroom and a boring sitting-room, i.e. quite possible connection and unlikely marriage.


Taurus is too possessive and materialistic for romantic Libra. Very soon Taurus will start suffering from jealousy. But it helps that physically they suit each other very well. Libra is reasonable, complaisant and can handle Taurus's self-conceit and stubbornness. Libra's inconstancy may drive Taurus crazy. Their connection is all pleasures and games, but long-lasting relations are contra-indicated.


Both find it difficult to restrain their passion. If love really makes the world go round, this couple is who gives the initial impetus to it. This is an ideal partnership. Both of them are passionate, and neither of them is possessive or jealous. They have a lot in common, and they wonderfully understand each other in bed. Their connection is wonderful, and they will make a warm and happy married couple.


Cancer may be too critical about Libra, especially in respect of his/her extravagant ideas. Cancer likes staying at home, while Libra is fond of travelling. Cancer is practical and thrifty, and Libra is impulsive and fond of everything that can be bought for money. There are few chances for compatibility. Sensual and trusting Cancer will be hurt with Libra's inconstancy and superficial emotions. Tolerable connection and poor marriage.


They both meet each other's needs and wishes. By nature Leo is sensual, Libra - emotional, and they both love sex. So, all time spent in the bedroom is going to be a constant salute. However, when characters clash, Libra should give way. It won't be difficult for them as Libra is basically ready for cooperation. Libra's weapon is correct strategy and tactfulness. A hot connection can turn into a very warm matrimony.


Virgo lives according to the rules, and with Libra everything is quite opposite. There are some other differences in their characters. Virgo pinches pennies and takes more interest in money than in sex. Libra considers that unforgivable. Also, Virgo is dictatorial and may be grumpy and boring. Libra will never agree with it and starts approval elsewhere. Doubtful connection and very difficult marriage.


Their attitude to each other is equally passionate, and in general they have a lot in common. They both are optimistic, responsible, affectionate; they both love harmony and beauty. But then grim reality starts breaking in their life. Neither of them wants to come down to earth. Their connection may be rather exalted, and marriage will demand maturity and more practical approach from both partners.


Scorpio is too jealous for careless Libra. Scorpio's well-known jealousy doesn't allow him/her to put up even with a little flirt. Libra's careless attitude to sex throws Scorpio into confusion. Scorpio should dominate, while Libra should obey. There is strong mutual attraction between them, but this can result in explosion. Their connection is hot and passionate, and the same is their marriage.


Sagittarius is very fond of adventures, and Libra will never feel bored with such a companion. Sagittarius will ignore Libra's affairs. Sexually they are a good match, but the problem is that Sagittarius dislikes staying in one place and strives for independence while Libra needs a true partner and a pleasant home. If they manage to overcome these differences, their chances both for short-term and long-lasting relations are rather good.


Capricorn feels strong physical attraction to Libra who likes Capricorn's desire to earn money. But Libra's laziness irritates Capricorn who is accustomed to work without rest. Capricorn won't like Libra's love for society and going out. Sober practicality of Capricorn jars upon Libra too. They are personally too incompatible for a successful marriage. Their connection won't last long.


They should match each other perfectly. Libra is waiting for Aquarius to guide him/her in this life full of adventures. They both love society and participation in social life. They have a lot of friends, but don't forget about their personal interests, either. They will feel good together in love and in bed. This is a sensual connection and good chances for successful marriage.


This is a difficult combination. Mildness, sensitiveness and devotion of Pisces attract Libra. But Libra is a sign disinclined to dominate, and Pisces don't hurry to take the lead either. Libra is tired with Pisces's wish to rely on somebody, Pisces dislikes Libra's wide interests. If Libra becomes quarrelsome, it will discourage Pisces. Sad, isn't it? Yes, and this is inevitable for a serious connection and marriage.

SCORPIO SCORPIO [October 24 - November 22]

This is a controversial and extreme nature, passionate and pitiless. This sign is the strongest among all. Nothing can stop Scorpio. Scorpio has an analytic mind and a deep, almost mystic understanding of life. He is energetic, sarcastic, ambitious and at the same time is gifted with intuition. They often achieve much success in life and career. Scorpio is the sign of presidents - many presidents of the USA were born under this sign.

Famous people born under the sign of Scorpio: Lomonosov, Voltaire, Paganini, Marie-Antoinette, Claude Monet, Marie Curie, Pablo Picasso, Vivien Leigh.

Matching of zodiac signs


A very unstable combination. Aries likes everything new and unusual in sex and Scorpio will participate in Aries's escapades with great pleasure, but Aries is too freedom-loving for jealous Scorpio. Both of them are selfish, dynamic and ambitious. Strong mutual attraction may appear between them, but their individualism will pull them apart. Their connection is short and long-term relations are very unsteady.


Both have a strong desire to satisfy their partner sexually. But if they continue their relations at the daylight, it will most probably reveal their differences. Scorpio hates laziness and is rather niggardly, and Taurus likes spending money he/she earns. They both are proud, stubborn and dominating. Their high sexuality allows them to plan a connection, but their marriage is very doubtful.


They are very similar in the sexual respect, but it's not all - conscientious attitude to intimacy is also needed. For pushing Scorpio, Gemini takes everything too easy. Scorpio is goal-oriented, while Gemini is changeable and hesitant. Besides, Gemini has sharp mind and enjoy demonstrating it whenever possible. But Scorpio considers that as a waste of time. Their connection is unstable, and their marriage is hard.


These two signs of Water get on well with each other. The prognosis for sexual relations is positive. Scorpio's passion meets grateful response in Cancer. Their physical compatibility helps smooth over the difficulties which arise because they are both very jealous. Nevertheless, if such clashes occur it is impossible to remain an outside observer. A harmonious union of power and protection is most probable. A good connection and a wonderful marriage.


Both are very hot-tempered, and strong disagreements may end in violence. A lot in this union depends on passion. Both are physically attractive for each other but Scorpio doesn't give Leo attention and respect he/she needs. Leo's pride is hurt, and on many occasions Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness are put to the test. A pleasant connection is possible, but long-term relations are unsuccessful.


Their interests in many spheres are similar, but not in the sexual one. It is difficult for them to establish good relations. Virgo may become critical and captious, and Scorpio - plainly rude. If Virgo manages to alter their behaviour, perhaps something will work out. They will be spiritually close for some time, and then Scorpio will start seeking new partners.


Scorpio's attitude to Libra is too possessive and jealous. For Scorpio, Libra is too lazy and sensitive. But they both are passionate (though Libra suffers from frequent mood swings). They are in earnest about being together, but there may be some problems because of Libra's love for luxury which Scorpio may be unable to provide. Their connection is full of frequent storms, and marriage won't be a dead calm, either.


In the respect of sex they are able to make fire even under water, but they are too much alike. They both are resolute, possessive, jealous and have awful temperament. If they differ in something, it results in clashes, and the connection starts vanishing. Their initial mutual attraction cannot be kept outside bedroom for a long time. Connection - wow! Marriage - alas...


Don't give them expensive gifts for house-warming. Scorpio loves his/her
home, but Sagittarius always keeps a suitcase ready for a trip.
Sagittarius needs freedom while Scorpio is too demanding and possessive.
Even sense of humour peculiar to Sagittarius cannot smooth over the
rough edges in their relations. Their mutual attraction is caused by sex
and cannot last long - for one night but not for life. 


Both are persistent, ambitious and mutually complementary in sexual sphere. No major problems are expected. Scorpio is more emotional, and this is quite complementary with Capricorn's restraint. Capricorn likes stability which is implied by Scorpio's possessiveness. Scorpio doesn't seek sentimentality in sex, and this suits Capricorn completely. Their connection is safe, and their marriage is successful. 


Scorpio is irritated with Aquarius's mood swings. Aquarius participates in many social and public affairs outside home where all Scorpio's interests are concentrated. Scorpio considers Aquarius's impractical ideas senseless and cannot conquer Aquarius who loves freedom. Aquarius is very sociable, Scorpio - vice versa. No tricks in bed will keep them together. Let either of them have their own way.


Strong mutual attraction is typical for this combination. Pisces is prepared to rely on Scorpio to make up for his/her lack of decision and will take Scorpio's domination with great pleasure. Their sexual life must be wonderful - Pisces is inventive, Scorpio is insistent. Both their connection and marriage are successful.

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS [November 23 - December 21]

Sagittariuses are straightforward, sincere, charming people. Often they are loved by people around them. They are independent and active, despise restrictions of all kinds. They like reading and travelling and often succeed in their work.

Famous people born under the sign of Sagittarius: Garibaldi, Jonathan Swift, Toulouse-Lautrec, Berlioz, Horace, Charles de Gaulle, Churchill, Dale Carnegie, Mark Twain, Beethoven, Richard Strauss, Walt Disney.

Matching of zodiac signs


In all respects, Sagittarius is Aries's tutor, and in spite of mutual wish to start other affairs they stick together because they understand that they cannot find a better person to be with. If people of both signs are well-bred, mutual impulsion won't turn into mutual insulting. Strange as it may seem, possible disagreements only add fuel to the flame of their attraction.


This connection rarely can be successful. Sagittarius's dictatorial, peremptory and imposing policy causes protest and aversion of Taurus. They suit each other as sexual partners but no more. Even children cannot strengthen these relations, but they can be kept as a marriage for convenience.


This connection is very rare, unusual and as a rule based on advantage. Lest their relations should play out, they should constantly renovate them with the help of travelling, going out, entertainments, guests etc. In this marriage Gemini plays the role of the person who puts the will and wishes of Sagittarius into practice. Gemini has a weaker character, while Sagittarius takes the lead and starts to guide him/her in everything. In the spiritual aspect this is a union of teacher and apprentice. They are polar opposites, and this gives both of them
opportunities for spiritual growth.


This is a bright, many-sided, deceptive and rather frequent alliance with a lot of excitement, sex, scandals, as well as disappointments and offences. Getting control over Cancer is as difficult for Sagittarius as getting control over Sagittarius is for Cancer, yet they both are trying to do it - in vain but hard. 


Their love and marriage is mostly built on mutual authority, similar outlook and working together. They both like adventures and travelling; they both are adventurous and venturesome. Their relations do not only consist in holidays, pleasures and social life, but also in intense creative work. Together they are striving for the impossible.


A rare combination. Thrifty Virgo suffers from extravagance and generosity of Sagittarius. They may get united by joint serving people in the social or religious spheres. In this connection Virgo serves the purposes and plans of Sagittarius, as their protector Mercury serves Jupiter.


A wonderful combination. The connection between these two signs is strengthened with similar outlook, as well as love and friendship. Both of them aim at eager activity and as a rule, they reach certain position and status.


This is a strange but rather frequent connection. It looks as though both partners were spurring each other into action. Passionate lovers, like-minded spouses who can achieve a lot together, wonderful attentive parents - such are the most characteristic features of this marriage.


Can two kings sit on one throne? One of them will have to relinquish the hold. Two Sagittariuses' life will be marked with constant race for power. Either of them will try to become the head of the family, so their family will divide into two rivaling camps unless the parties are united with a common goal - in this case they will behave like two hunters driving a hare.


Sagittarius is a censor of public laws, order and generally accepted rules. But for Capricorn they don't exist at all - only his/her own rules are important. Their alliance is possible as much as it is possible to reconcile one's inner laws with public laws, the individual with the collective. It may be either a marriage for convenience when spouses share the same interests or business, or a fully spiritual marriage.


Lightness of relations, friendship, adventurism and mutual understanding, which gets only stronger with time, prevail in this marriage. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius like trips, changes, companies, society. They both give each other a certain share of freedom while remembering about generally accepted rules. Fantasy and humour remain with them even in the most hard times. Their children are their best friends and the meaning of their life. They live a new life with their children.


Only religion, mysticism and common ideals can unite these people. Happy union is possible on the condition that both partners have big spiritual potential. If spouses manage to understand each other and if they are connected with some common activity, their union is a perfection itself. But in everyday life active Sagittarius with their strong zest for life and self-absorbed Pisces can hardly come together. They irritate each other.

CAPRICORN CAPRICORN [December 22 - January 20]

Capricorn is practical, punctual and ambitious. He/she often succeeds in work and everything they do. They are often considered cold, but in fact they love very deeply, just cannot express feelings. Capricorns are honest, simple, faithful and reliable as earth itself.

Famous people born under the sign of Capricorn: Jeanne d'Arc, Kepler, Montesquieu, Moliere, Rudyard Kipling, Marquise de Pompadour.

Matching of zodiac signs


This alliance is an alliance of two lonely people. For Capricorn, marriage is an attempt to get on firm ground. Capricorn will wish to rectify and reform Aries to direct his/her emotions into necessary channel. This results in antagonism, clashes and breakups. If Aries is weak-natured, he/she will become a spineless spouse, and if it is otherwise, one can say about this marriage "Diamond cut diamond".


This is the most favourable union where partners are sexually compatible and united with common interests. Capricorn plays the leading role in relations — he/she controls Taurus and instructs him/her in everything - from correct way of storing things to principles of life. Sometimes it can make Taurus's blood boil. Feeling that he/she has gone too far, Capricorn gives Taurus temporary illusion of freedom, but then starts giving orders again. Taurus is inert by nature and inwardly admires the endurance and working capacity of Capricorn, trying to follow their lead.


This combination is very rare. For Gemini, Capricorn is a big mystery which attracts and teases. Capricorn's coldness and inaccessibility seem an interesting mask to Gemini, and he/she feels curious - what is there behind it? But for Capricorn, Gemini is like a child - not serious, superficial, naive. As a rule, marriage between Capricorn and Gemini crashes, and if it holds, it is only due to Capricorn's desire to reform Gemini at all costs or to the atypical nature of these signs.


This combination is rather rare and problematic as these signs are not well-compatible. Capricorn makes too high demands of Cancer, trying to establish the rules and to correct the partner according to their own image. But it is impossible to reform a Cancer! Here start long conflicts, mutual attraction and repulsion and finally complete disappointment and breakup.


This connection is quite difficult but possible. Leo often deceives Capricorn with his/her generosity and promises of the moon. Leo may fail to fulfil the promises, but Capricorn will wait for this until he/she understands there was a deception and then becomes disillusioned with Leo. Leo seeks hidden passion behind Capricorn's outward severity (and very often finds it), but sooner or later he/she gets tired of constant straightforward strategy of Capricorn, as the latter likes changes.


A well-balanced and stable connection. Both are practical and sensible, both regard things in a sober light. Capricorn likes Virgo's reasonable requirements and critical mind, as well as the ability to notice the smallest details which will allow to solve a universal problem. And with Capricorn Virgo can perceive all secrets of love; he/she needs Capricorn's tender words and compliments. Children make this marriage imperishable.


Capricorn admires pedantic Libra, their discretion and moderation. And for Libra, Capricorn is a fortress and support. But at the same time Libra directs, teaches and instructs Capricorn. They easily find common language in everything except love. In spite of sweetness and light of their relations, they can suddenly and coldly part fulminating anathemas at each other.


A brilliant union of two strong signs (if they both belong to the highest types). Even if they part, they become enemies who seem to play an exciting and dangerous game. But as a rule, their love is constant, deep and strong, and with time their feelings don't cool down. Their children are happy, because they grow up in the atmosphere of love and harmony.


Sagittarius is a censor of public laws, order and generally accepted rules. But for Capricorn, they don't exist at all - only his/her own rules have meaning. Their alliance is possible as much as it is possible to reconcile one's inner laws with public laws, the individual with the collective. It may be either a marriage for convenience when spouses share the same interests or business, or a fully spiritual marriage.


This is a connection of two lonely people, but it doesn't give them opportunity for development - only for business partnership when each cares about their own interests. As a rule, they don't manage to find a compromise, and each remains unconvinced. Then they start seeking consolation elsewhere without even getting together properly. But a very happy marriage where two halves make up one whole is also possible.


At first glance, they are very alike - both are strangers charmed with each other. But this is just an illusion which will last as long as both feel lonely. They seem to be created for mutual deception. Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, but they don't even suspect that Capricorn is absolutely free and very cunning. He/she won't let anybody into their soul. And Capricorn thinks that Aquarius is the person who will love them, but won't encroach upon their freedom. But Capricorn doesn't understand that Aquarius would like to tie them to home and receive all the freedom for themselves. 


This may be an ideal union based on selfless love which passes into a complete melting in the partner. The whole world is open to these two idealists and mystics. Together they are able to perceive all mysteries of the world. Their union is eternal unless it is built on pragmatic principles. But if Capricorn is too down-to-earth, if his/her credo is "Only money makes the man", they may want to make Pisces work hard for the sake of career. Pisces won't accept that and sooner or later will have to leave in disappointment. Or, if Pisces puts up with this and accepts such lifestyle, he/she will never feel happy.

AQUARIUS AQUARIUS [January 21 - February 20]

This is the sign of geniuses. Aquarius adores justice, has broad interests and never irritates anyone. Their ideas are original, their mind is sharp.

Famous people born under the sign of Aquarius: Galilei, Edison, Burns, Byron, Mozart, Schubert, Abraham Lincoln, Somerset Maugham, Jules Verne, Edgar Poe, Charles Dickens, Ronald Reagan.

Matching of zodiac signs


Aries who is active by nature is attracted by Aquarius who is always ready for changes and adventures and can do everything for friends. Marriage of Aquarius who respects the partner's personality, freedom and independence, and Aries who receives Aquarius's encouragement and approval, may become an ideal union.


A hard marriage with poor compatibility. Aquarius is attracted with Taurus's devotion and love for home. Though he/she prefers freedom and needs a place to return. But for Taurus, Aquarius's freedom is intolerable. Their relations in marriage will be cold at one moment and hot at another. Now there is a burst of passion, then there will be conflicts and alienation. Such a connection rarely can be kept for a long time.


In spite of frequent quarrels and disagreements, this is a successful connection. Aquarius teaches Gemini transformations and insight. They have a lot of common interests, this union contributes to the evolution and development of both. Their love often grows into friendship. Aquarius is so original and changeable that, as a rule, Gemini doesn't feel any need to seek for another partner. They never feel bored together. But if Gemini cheats on Aquarius, the latter won't forgive
that. He/she just lives with this to the bitter end, and then leaves - recklessly, unconditionally, forever.


This is a crazy, difficult but rather frequent combination. They feel mutually attracted and at the same time something repels them from each other. They keep parting and uniting again. Their relations are more like catharsis which transforms both of them. Cancer is used to holding and tempting his/her partner, but nothing can tempt Aquarius - the day will come when they leave, and Cancer will wait for them forever. But as soon as Aquarius returns, Cancer starts building a home prison again. Aquarius will destroy it at once, and everything will start again.


At first they feel strong attraction to each other, but as a rule, later they understand they are quite opposite and part. Leo likes being in the centre of everybody's attention, while Aquarius doesn't attract attention to his/her personality and tries to behave quietly and independently. Aquarius doesn't attach significance to the things important and symbolic for Leo. Only spiritually rich people of an older age can understand that two opposites are still one.


This connection is infrequent. Virgo loves his/her home, order, family-building. Aquarius is free and independent, and the most important thing for him/her is to have a place where to return when they get tired of friends, trips, problems etc. Their marriage will last as long as Virgo is patient.


This is a successful and fruitful connection. They have common creative plans and original ideas. They like travelling, meeting friends, receiving guests, being in the company. As a rule, they do the same work, successfully complementing each other.


In this marriage Scorpio almost always prevails over Aquarius. He/she directly or indirectly guides Aquarius. Their love is original and a bit eccentric by nature. The periods of peace and harmony change into the long wars, then follows happy reconciliation - until a new war. But at that it is very difficult for them to do without each other.


Can two kings sit on one throne? One of them will have to relinquish the hold. Two Sagittariuses' life will be marked with constant race for power. Either of them will try to become the head of the family, then their family will divide into two rivaling camps unless the parties are united with a common goal - in this case they will behave like two hunters driving a hare. 


At first glance they are very alike - both are strangers charmed with each other. But this is just an illusion which will last as long as both feel lonely. They seem to be created for mutual deception. Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, but he/she doesn't even suspect that Capricorn is absolutely free and very cunning. He/she won't let anybody into their soul. And Capricorn thinks that Aquarius is the person who will love them, but won't encroach upon their freedom. But Capricorn doesn't understand that Aquarius would lole to tie them to home and receive all the freedom for themselves. 


This is a rare connection which can be built only on friendship and equality at home. Otherwise their life together won't work out, and they both will feel uneasy at home, sensing its "emptiness".


These people are attracted to each other with idealism and belief in unknown, might-have-been things, in fantasies, illusions, tales and other mysteries of the world. To each other they seem mysterious faraway countries, but "crossing the border" is not always possible because of the fear to lose one's individuality and to vanish in the partner. In marriage bright colours and cheerful pictures may give place to sober and ugly reality. Everyday life will become a stumbling block for both of them.

PISCES PISCES [February 21 - March 20]

These people have highly developed intuition and spiritual approach to life. On the one hand, they are honest, methodical and industrious and have ambivalent nature, on the other hand they are dreamy, impressionable and idealistic. They seek for harmony, beauty and peace and feel very disappointed, understanding that reality is far from perfection. They prefer loneliness and contemplation. Material values matter not so much for them as spiritual wealth. They dislike innovations and changes and prefer old and well-known things.

Famous people born under the sign of Pisces: Michelangelo, Rossini, Chopin, Handel, Einstein, Renoir, Hugo, Caruso, George Washington, Gorbachev, Elizabeth Taylor.

Matching of zodiac signs


This is a rare and in all respects unsuccessful connection, though Aries attracts Pisces very much. But they are really too different. Pisces' heart is so soft and kind, that he/she cannot get adapted to the restless nature of Aries. Aries, in their turn, may fail to see Pisces' delicacy which will cause much suffering. As a result, Pisces may go into hysteric and start cheating on their spouse. But Aries doesn't notice these emotions and considers the partner only a housekeeper.


This alliance is very stable. Their household is strong, and it gets even stronger if the couple has children. For the sake of children Pisces can even forget about Taurus. When Pisces shares their life with Taurus, he/she will not go back a step any more. And Taurus who has caught their "golden fish" will never let it go, creating the best conditions for Pisces in their personal "aquarium". This connection gives Pisces feeling of confidence in the future - something they wish
very much.


This marital union is unstable and short living. Harmony is impossible here for many reasons. First of all, this is difference of temperaments. Sensitiveness and sensuality prevail in Pisces' character, while Gemini is light-minded and unstable. Pisces has rich fantasy, vivid imagination, excessive susceptibility and their impressionability often irritate Gemini. Pisces needs rest, cosiness, pleasures and delights, reliable and confident life, harmony in the house. His/her inner warmth is alien to cool, intellectual atmosphere of Gemini. And if for Gemini this marriage is just another entertainment, for Pisces it is a source of nervousness, pain and sufferings.


Not only harmonious friendship and successful cooperation, but also deep mutual love, often at first sight, can exist between these people. For Pisces, this alliance is considered successful and even ideal. Divorces here are extraordinarily rare. Pisces need Cancer's care, softness and gentleness very much. On the other hand, Pisces's tenderness, responsibility and profound sense of duty creates the most favourable atmosphere for Cancer both at home and in the family relations. Cancer's optimism, faith, love and hope are that spiritual food Pisces cannot live without, and Cancer never breaks the heart of their "golden fish".


The marital union between the representatives of these two signs, as a rule, collapses very soon. Their total diversity in everything - from temperament to views on life - reports itself from the very beginning. Pisces is suitable for Leo only as a sexual partner, and that but for a short time. After the initial passion is satisfied, Leo loses interest in Pisces at once.


This connection is "neither fish nor fowl". Some sympathy may exist between them, but no physical attraction arises. Only Pisces in this marriage gets the lion's share of benefit because Virgo supports them financially and morally. Here Pisces is saved from fear of future and poverty - something they are most afraid of. Pisces expects nothing but help from this marriage, but Virgo doesn't need anything Pisces can give him/her - tenderness, submissiveness, love and intimacy, charming dreams and castles in the sky. Virgo uses Pisces more practically: as parents of their children and only sometimes - as spouses.


There is no data about such a union. For many various reasons divorces, scandals and fatal partings can be seen here. Though friendship is possible, as conditions are favourable for it, and also this is just a wonderful combination for business cooperation.


This connection may be marked with stability, steadiness, faithfulness and reliability. Though a female Scorpio makes too high demands and runs family life being the strict and strong half of the marriage, a male Pisces willingly take the bait. Pisces can live only in quiet warm water, and he/she can always rely on Scorpio. They can entrust Pisces with their destiny, happiness and loving heart. In general, Pisces needs much care and even more feelings, but Scorpio readily accepts these conditions as both sides value friendly and warm atmosphere, safe home and peaceful coexistence which is guaranteed.


In spite of strong physical attraction which may exist between these two partners, marital union between them is very problematic. Inevitable contradictions between them are so critical that it is practically impossible to overcome them. A female Sagittarius's ambitions make a male Pisces nervous as they draw him away from his world of fantasies and compel him to work. Their union can be more stable and strong if Pisces has a bent for free and creative professions, especially arts, literature or music. In this case the Sagittarius herself will be interested in continuing their relations.


The best variant of marital union is between a male Pisces and a female Capricorn. They are not only physically attracted by each other, but also very similar in spiritual and intellectual aspects. Capricorn plays the leading role in the marriage as she is the basis of the family welfare and always offers help to her husband in time. The benefit is mutual, as Pisces remains supported and cared for till the end of his life, while bringing his warm-heartedness, tenderness and understanding into the relations with Capricorn. He even starts getting accustomed to working and forgets about his laziness. The life of this couple is gradually gets right. But if this connection is made by a male Capricorn and a female Pisces, things look different. Pisces is fond of tender words and love games and pastimes, but Capricorn has no time for all of that. He works a lot and would rather talk about business and work. But if Pisces dreams about a rich partner and confidence in future, she will get all of that.


This union is problematic and unfavourable. Their relationship may start in a merry and festive way, but long-term stability is doubtful. Everything is unstable and fluctuant here - feelings, spirits, life and destiny itself. All Pisces can do is either abrogate his/her views and principles for the sake of Aquarius or leave the hostile waters as soon as possible.


This marriage can be very successful and happy though "castles in the air" and a portion of disorder will be present. Partners will support, encourage and comfort each other, and their ability to forgive will help them solve problems. Thus, co-existing and sharing everything, they keep their marriage, and any disorder, if taken easy, will only make their home even warmer and more intimate.