Internet scam is not a rarity. Most often it happens because people start trusting other people without even meeting them in person. It is rather easy to avoid this problem if you follow simple rules:

  1. Never send money to a stranger even if you have already exchanged several letters.
  2. Start your acquaintance from correspondence and video chat. Learn more about each other.
  3. Get contact data and order a delivery service of an inexpensive bouquet of flowers to the living address, with a delivery's photo and report for sure.
  4. Planning a tour, please specify all the details (cost for translator services, taxi, approximate budget for stay and food) so that you could clearly understand what to expect.

Signs of scam:

  1. There are photos of celebrities, popular actors and models in the profile.
  2. There is no information about children, wrong marital status or English level is contrary to the real one and etc.
  3. While corresponding your interlocutor confuses the facts or you never get answers to your questions.
  4. Lady knows English well but anyway she asks for the translation services in correspondence or direct communication.
  5. After a short correspondence you are asked to send little money for passport, visa, close people treatment in the hospital, purchase of a computer and etc.
  6. Lady asks for very expensive presents or money.
  7. After having exchanged contact data, the Lady refuses to talk to you on the phone or correspond directly.

It is not a scam if:

  1. You do not get an answer for a long time. Not always your interlocutor may respond quickly. It is better to wait for 7 days and then specify why there is no answer.
  2. There may be misunderstanding if you correspond without a translator or use an electronic translator.
  3. If a letter contains several mistakes, moreover a translator did a bad work.
  4. You make a phone call to say “hi” but you do not get an answer or your interlocutor does not want to talk to you. Please do not forget that when you call from New York at 10.00 pm, it is 06:00 am in Moscow and 05:00 in Kiev.
  5. You have got a polite refusal letter to continue corresponding or meet in person.
  6. In another social net there are erotic or bikini photos, photos with relatives, friends, ex boy or girlfriends, ex husbands and wives. It is private life!
  7. A ring on the finger. In Russia, Ukraine and several other countries women wear the wedding ring on the right hand. In other countries on the left hand.

If you still have questions or if you have found a scammer in our catalog, please contact us immediately in the support section.